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Help us Support our Essential Workers!

We put out the call to the WISER family, and you delivered. Now, we're setting our sights on an even higher goal to support essential staff at WISER!

$12,860 raised

$19,000 goal

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Let's keep the momentum going!

UPDATE MAY 21, 2020:

When WISER team members envisioned responding to the needs of our students during COVID-19, we had no idea what an astounding response we’d receive from the Global WISER family. We set a goal to raise $12,000--enough to feed WISER families in need for three months--and you absolutely delivered. Because of your generosity, we are raising our goal to $19,000 to support even more of WISER’s essential operations during COVID-19.
Why the additional $7,000? That’s enough to cover the salaries of essential WISER staff for the remaining two months of this first phase of COVID relief. Our alumni interns, kitchen staff, maintenance and security personnel do the behind-the-scenes work that keeps campus running in ordinary times. But with students home because of the pandemic, these staff members have stepped up to do work that goes beyond their job descriptions, facilitating remote learning, food distribution, and student check-ins.
WISER is committed to continuing to pay our entire staff, and you can help us do it. And if you give right now, your gift can go even further toward supporting the WISER community. To show support for WISER girls and the essential staff who support them, an anonymous donor has agreed to match every gift through the end of the campaign up to $1,500!

Join us in reaching our updated goal of $19,000, and know that you are not only supporting WISER girls, but also the vast network of people whose work makes WISER girls’ education and well-being possible.


WISER has always been more than a school, we are a family . . .

And our family needs your help!

COVID-19 may have closed our campus, but WISER remains committed to our students and the Muhuru Bay community.
Our dedicated school leaders have been in contact with our students, and have listened to their needs and the needs of their families. Because of its geographic isolation and vulnerable economy, Muhuru Bay is facing food and health insecurity as lockdown measures have interrupted sources of income and avenues for procuring food and essential supplies. After a month of lockdown, WISER girls and their families are struggling to continue to put food on the table and practice proper sanitizing since girls cannot live on campus, stretching resources even thinner.

In response, educators and staff have pivoted swiftly from the daily needs of running a school to procuring, packaging, and distributing relief packages that contain essential food and supplies for WISER girls and their families each month.

At just $25 a package, WISER can provide food staples and hand soap to ensure the health and well-being of WISER girls and their families. WISER has committed to providing this relief to all students who need it for three months, at a total cost of $12,000 - but we need your help!

Donate between now and May 29th to support WISER in this critical, urgent effort!

The health and well-being of our students is always our top priority. WISER may use some funds from this campaign to support operations of the school and the organization to ensure relief efforts can continue uninterrupted and programs can begin as soon as it is safe!